Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is RapidHosting?
  • RapidHosting is a file hosting service. Differ from the others, we provide command line interface for uploading/downloading. But yet you're still able to download your file from your browser.

  • Why should I use RapidHosting?
  • When you are on a computer without a graphic user interface, you'll know how convenient this service is.

  • Can I search for files other people uploaded?
  • No. Not all people want to share his/her files.

  • What is the maximum size of the file that I can upload?
  • The maximum file's size is 300MB.

  • What kind of files can be uploaded?
  • The answer is whatever, binaries, dummy text, or whatever document you have. The only restrictions are for pornography, nudity, sexual images and any kind offensive material, and, of course, copyrighted material.
    Please refer to our TOS for more info on RapidHosting terms of service.

  • How to upload a file or multiple files at once?
  • The easiest way to upload your files is using curl.
    Upload a single file
    curl -u [username:password] --upload-file /tmp/hello.txt
    Upload multiple files
    curl -u [username:password] -i -F [email protected]/tmp/hello1.txt -F [email protected]/tmp/hello2.txt

  • How to delete a file I uploaded?
  • Once your file expires, it will be automatically removed.

  • Can I hotlink the stuff I upload?
  • No. Hotlinking is not allowed on any kind of files that have been uploaded to our servers.

  • I still have questions, what should I do?
  • If you still have questions regarding our services please use our contact form.